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2013 MLB Preview – NL Central Maret 28, 2013

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Baseball Preview NL CentralCincinnati Reds:

Shin-Soo Choo is added to a lineup that already features stars like Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, and 2010 MVP Joey Votto. That is a lineup to fear. Oh–and the pitching staff is lights out across the board. Aroldis Chapman is back in the bullpen and with a setup man like Jonathan Broxton, it should be a good move by the Reds.

St. Louis Cardinals:

The Cardinals are a solid fundamental team that until they prove otherwise, so until then, they’re still a playoff team. They are hard to describe, but they create their own luck. Matt Holliday, Adam Wainwright, and Carlos Beltran will have good years and expect business as usual.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

This is the Pirates year to play .500 ball. Why? MVP-caliber center fielder in Andrew McCutchen and a city that believes in baseball again. 20 seasons in a row of losing seasons…

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