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Movie-watching is a national pastime Maret 28, 2013

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Adina's Musings

Watching movies is one of those activities that everybody does.

Whether it’s in a theater with popcorn, the smell of synthetic butter wafting through the room, or in your own home, movie-watching is a national pastime. There’s a film for every mood and situation.

I love watching movies, but I’ll draw a blank if you ask me my favorites.

After much thought, I’ve compiled a list of the movies I enjoy watching over and over. These films are not necessarily the best ever made, but they’re the ones I can return to like a worn pair of jeans. They’re comfortable, and I can watch any of these movies at any time and still enjoy them.

Dim the lights. These are my eight most comfortable movies in no particular order.

  1. Psycho: An Alfred Hitchcock classic, it has great camera shots (remember the shower scene?) and a story that is always compelling…

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