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Stan Winston’s JP3 pterosaur – What kind is it? Maret 28, 2013

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The Pterosaur Heresies

Jurassic Park III included a Pteranodon-like pterosaur attacking our intrepid heroes in a sort of a giant “bird” cage. On YouTube you can find an early test (Fig. 1) of this mechanized toothless pterosaur suit. In the film, teeth were added.

So, is this Pteranodon? Looks close. Here’s a reconstruction of a real Pteranodon for comparison (Fig. 2) where a longer beak, a longer metacarpus and a shorter forearm (antebrachium) are present.

For comparison, here’s a toothy, short metacarpal ornithocheirid, Anhanguera (Fig. 3). Like the JP3 pterosaur, this one has a longer antebrachium and shorter metatarsus.

The metacarpals, antebrachia and skull size of this ornithocheirid pterosaur are closer to the Stan Winston version. Teeth were also added in the movie version creating a specimen very much like the later discovered crested ornithocheirid, Ludodactylus(Fig. 3 upper, smaller skull).

Movie-makers have often taken liberties with their dinosaurs and pterosaurs…

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