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“Last Gift From The Father” April 3, 2013

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In a well-known housing in Jakarta tinggalah a girl with her father, her mother had long preceded him gone since he was a child. .A girl who will be in the finals, soon he will become a scholar, at the end of his labors on the bench for a few years of education.

A few months ago he passed a showroom, and then he fell in love with a sports car, the latest from Ford. For several months he had always imagined it when graduation his father would buy him a car. He was sure, because she’s the only one and his father is very dear to him, so he’s very confident he’ll definitely be getting the car.He too ber’angan thinking driving it, have fun with friends. Even all the dreams that he related to his friends, The time had arrived that afternoon, after graduation, he went to his father’s for sure.


The father smiled, and with tears in her eyes as she expressed how thrilled he is proud of his daughter and how much she loves him. Then he took out a parcel, … not a key!

With a broken heart that the child received a gift and was very disappointed with her open it. And behind the wrapping paper that he found a leather jacket Famous, behind carved his name with golden silk. The girl became angry, raised his voice he cried, “My father is very Yaahh … love me, with all the money my father, my father bought this jacket for me?”

Then he turns his jacket and fled from his father.

His father could not say anything, his heart broken, he just stood there, not knowing what I should be doing..

As the years passed, the girl has become a success. With capitalize brilliant brain he managed to become a career woman. He has a big house and fancy, and surrounded by a handsome husband and a smart kid.

Meanwhile, her father is getting older and living alone. Since it’s graduation day, her son left him and never contacted him. He hopes one day to meet his son, only to convince him how sadly the child. The child was often homesick and wanted to meet his father, but considering what happened on the day of his graduation, he became embittered and very vengeful.

Until one day came a telegram from the prosecutor’s office informing them that his father had died, and before his father died, he bequeathed all his property to his only child. The boy told facing the district attorney and together to her father’s house to take care of all his assets. When walked into the house, his heart suddenly became very sad, remembering all the memories during her stay there. She felt very sorry for behaving badly towards her father.

With the shadows of the past that danced in her eyes, she traced all the stuff in the house. And when he opened his closet, he found the jacket, still wrapped in the same wrapping paper a few years ago. Something falls from the jacket pocket. He picked it up .. a car key! In keychain car dealer printed name, the same dealer who had the sports car he dreamed of! He reached into his pocket next to it and find something, there tucked vehicle registration and other documents, his name printed on it. And a car purchase receipt, the date just a day before the day of graduation. 😥